Claim back your mis-sold PPI fees.

  • Don't know if you had PPI? Many of our customers didn't even know they had PPI on their loan, credit card or mortgage.

  • In The News: The FCA has confirmed that it will introduce a deadline for making new PPI complaints!

  • Let us check if you had PPI. If you don’t have PPI, it won’t cost you a single penny!

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“Very good ,very friendly and totally professional”

— Customer via .com

“Very friendly and efficient service. I only really phoned on the off chance I might have ppi and am very pleased with the outcome! They handled everything for me. I would recommend to anyone interested in seeking ppi”

— Customer via .com

“they kept me informed as to my progress and obtained me(albeit not a great deal of) money.
i would recommend them and personally use them again.”

— Customer via .com

“Very helpful talked through the process answered all my questions nothing was too much trouble. Have recommended them to my sister”

— Customer via .com

“Nice service and ready to help”

— Customer via .com

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    We'll submit your claim and work as hard as we can to contact your Bank or credit card company to reclaim any mis-sold PPI


I would never have had the knowledge or confidence to claim for PPI from start to finish....They helped me a lot..... I would urge anyone else in the same situation to get in touch and get the ball rolling.

Pamela from Hertfordshire



Thank you very much for all your help, we weren’t expecting this much! I don’t think I would have been brave enough to take on Halifax myself

Mr Bullymore from England

Mr Bullymore


We are very grateful for what you’ve done, we would never have done this without you, we only expected about £800, we didn’t expect so much!

Mr and Mrs Irving from Glasgow

Mr and Mrs Irving


The Banks


Bank or Credit Card

Total Recovered

Successful Claims
Highest Individual
Lloyds Banking Group £89 MILLION 49,346 £76,449
HBOS £44 MILLION 26,567 £54,470
Barclays £40 MILLION 18,012 £62,499
MBNA £26 MILLION 12,804 £52,127
Barclaycard £22 MILLION 12,965 £89,446
HSBC £20 MILLION 10,188 £39,862
Natwest £18 MILLION 11,705 £27,906
Royal Bank of Scotland £9 MILLION 6,046 £39,335
Black Horse £9 MILLION 5,035 £27,728
Alliance & Leicester £4 MILLION 2,585 £20,759
Capital One £3 MILLION 6,182 £24,809

These figures are correct as of 31st December 2016

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Don't know if you had PPI?

If you took out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 15 years you could have a claim for mis-sold PPI. Think about all the loans, credit cards and mortgages you have had, as they could well have had PPI added to them without you even knowing.

Even if you had a policy in the 1990's, you could still claim (although it must either still have been active in the last six years or you will need to provide evidence to support the payment of PPI).

If you don't know whether you had PPI in most cases we can find out for you.

Not knowing they had PPI attached to their policy is a large contributing factor to a lot of our customers having had successful claims.

Usually we don't even need your credit card number or your loan agreement number, just the name of your bank or credit card company to check if you had PPI. We have a 85% customer success rate if you had PPI!

If you don't have PPI, it won’t cost you a penny!

Why put it off? - start your potential claim today.

Find out if could be awarded up to £7,000^.